Monday, August 7, 2017

21 Years Ago Today!!!

21 years ago today I was working my part time admin job at SciPubTech answering phones and fulfilling poster orders when I got a surprise birthday present from our licensing rep at paramount... A lovely lady named Seema Malhutra... Inside were a couple of the just released Enterprise D Blueprints!!! I was transported back to when I was 10 and had just gotten my first Franz Joesph prints!!!! It was very exciting... Inside the box was a SciPubTech flyer we had arranged to be in each box to sell our posters... standing next to my desk I saw there was a booklet that I began to devour.... Susan the office manager screamed from across the building for me to turn to page 5!!! And it was then that I began to sit down and ended up doing my best KIrk (Search for Spock) miss the chair and fell on my butt! Wow! I got a nod in the book!!! Can't begin to say how that moment felt!!! Suffice to say many of you know from my blog the difficult road I had with my Enterprise D poster... but in that moment it had all been worth it!

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