Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trek Interview!

Natasha Eloi and I after the Interview on Space!

A couple weeks before the Trek Movie opening I did an interview on the Space Channel here is the out come.... A fantastic Nerdarati moment! Enjoy!


John Thompson said...

Hi Chris,
I am putting together a book about Star Trek, and might wish to use one of your art pieces. Might you please email me directly at:


Unknown said...

I just put up the Enterprise 1701-D poster I've had for years at work in my cubicle. It hasn't been up since 2000 when my ex left with the kids and put us into bankruptcy and lost our house. There is a cozy feeling about having the poster up. I only now looked at your name on it, so I looked you up on the internet. I wish I could buy several more of your posters, but don't have room and enough money. You have quite a story! I wish I could have had a similar experience. Are you going to do a drawing of the new movie Enterprise? Or is the strange scale problem and the very old industrial look of engineering just not going to go well in a poster?

Ben J said...

Hello Mr. Cushman!

I hope that you're still out there. I'm a big fan of your Star Trek cutaways, but I have a stranger question for you.

Back in 1999, SciPubTech announced they were doing a Wing Commander cutaway poster that never came out. So I guess my question is--was that your work and if so do you still have it?

There was a tiny work-in-progress image in Previews (scanned here that got a lot of Wing Commander fans excited. I know the movie was a failure and that was probably why we never saw the poster... but it's sort of a holy grail for Wing Commander fans now because the idea of seeing one of our ships opened up in the same style as your Star Trek and Star Wars work is so cool.

Annyway, if you know anything about this lost poster, please drop me a line at I've been dreaming about getting a look at it forever!

Ben Lesnick